Monday, October 2nd   Regular Monday Sale

Monthly Feeder and Fat Cow Sale

Monday, October 9th   Regular Monday Sale

Monthly Heifer Sale

Saturday, October 14th   Certified Organic Milking Herd & Bred Heifer Dispersal9  

Henry & Mary Retirement Sale held on the farm – Cazenovia, NY.  11:00AM.  Henry & Mary Stoker Retirement
Selling 95 head – 80 Milking age, 15 bred heifers.  Cows are ave. 60#/day.  SCC ave. 217,000. This herd is a predominately Fall Freshening herd with approx. 35 fresh or due within 30 days of sale. DHI info at ringside

Monday, October 16th   Regular Monday Sale

Monthly Lamb, goat, sheep And Pig Sale

Monday, October 23rd   Regular Monday Sale

Monthly Certified Organic Sale  

Saturday, October 28th   Fall Premier All Breed Dairy Sale 11:30AM – Selling 120 Head of Registered & Hi Quality Grade Dairy Cattle – All Breeds.  Featuring Complete Milking Herd & Bred Heifer Dispersal for Gold-Bar Holsteins.  Still taking consignments for this sale but we are close to being full so if you have anything please let us know

Monday, October 30th   Regular Monday Sale